Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Twice As Nice: Two PH Patients Hit 1,000 Mile Marks!

Two PH patients, who are cycling 3,000 miles each in honor of PHA and Team PHenomenal Hope, have surpassed the 1,000 mile marks on their journeys! Within the last week, both Josh Griffis and Kathleen Richardson have completed one-third of their goals and have continued to add to that since.

A big congratulations goes out to these two for their dedication to the PH cause and the Race of Our Lives campaign. We can’t wait to see them both cross the 3,000 mile mark. Here’s to the next 2,000 miles!

Josh Griffis
Josh Griffis, otherwise known as “The PH Peddler,” began his quest to bike 3,000 miles in September 2013 and is focused on completing his goal by June 2014 – just in time for Race Across America. Not only is Josh cycling to raise awareness of PH, but also funds. He is challenging himself to raise $15,000 for the PH cause. To reach this goal, Josh has created a virtual fundraising page that allows people to support his efforts by sponsoring miles that he cycles. Visit Josh’s virtual fundraising page

You can follow along with Josh’s journey on Facebook, where he documents his daily rides and updates to his total. Head on over to Josh’s page and leave your well wishes and words of encouragement for him!

Kathleen Richardson
If Kathleen sounds familiar, it is because we previously blogged about her and an interview Team PHenomenal Hope conducted with her. You can read the full story about Kathleen in our earlier blog post. On Jan. 11, Kathleen officially passed the 1,000 mile mark after only starting her challenge two months prior! Kathleen also documents her rides on a Facebook page dedicated to her challenge – so be sure to follow along.

We will continue to post amazing updates from Josh, Kathleen and others who are participating in various challenges to support Team PHenomenal Hope. Want to plan your own challenge to continue supporting the Race of Our Lives campaign? Visit our website for more information on how to plan a Unity Miles event or set up a virtual fundraising page.

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