Thursday, June 26, 2014

Congratulations to Team PH!

PHA would like to congratulate Team PHenomenal Hope for finishing the Race Across America in just 7 days, 7 hours, 15 minutes -- a day earlier than expected! We thank you for your tireless efforts over the past two years to train and raise awareness and funds for our collective fight for a cure.

A big thank you also goes out to the PH community, who rallied around Team PH through unity events and raising more than $45,000 to fill up the unity map.

You can read about their cross country journey on our tracking page.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Team PH Crosses Finish Line a Day Earlier Than Expected!

Team PHenomenal Hope crossed the finish line on their 3,000 mile Race Across America last night a good day earlier than expected. PH community members gathered at the finish line in Annapolis, Md., and via Skype from PHA's Conference in Indianapolis, Ind., to cheer them on and congratulate them on such an amazing feat. You women are truly amazing!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Competition with German Team Pushing Team PH

From Team PHenomenal Hope's Facebook page:

A photo of the team with the German Frauleins the afternoon prior to race start. The strategy going into planning for the race was for Team PH to ride their race at a particular pace and finish safely. The vastness of the country, fatigue, logistics were all obstacles enough.

Early on in the race, it was apparent that Team PH was pretty closely matched with the German women. The regular lead changes between the racers and the overlapping transition points for crew made them a topic of conversation, bordering on distraction.

Little things have added to the unexpected drama, and there's always the question of pride. When Anne-Marie passed the German racer on the ascent of the highest peak of the entire 3000 mile course and Patty came zipping down the descent at 30 miles an hour to protect the lead, the team was anything but neutral. Stacie and Ryanne battled the cold and feirce gusts overnight with the Frauleins essentially at a dead heat. Early this morning, AM and Patty opened a gap of a few miles coming into transition in Trinidad, Colorado, once again lifting everyone's spirits. As Colorado leveled out this morning, Stacie added a few more miles to the lead.

We're not even at the half way point yet. Ohio and Pennsylvania and West Virginia are familiar cycling territory for our women. Kate is trying to keep everyone level headed but she's got her work cut out for her. This is, after all, a race across America with four strong, very competitive American women. Should be an interesting finish.

Follow Team PH more closely here

Friday, June 13, 2014

Team PH in the Local San Diego News!

Team PHenomenal Hope was one of four teams featured at a press conference about the Race Across America, and it got picked up on the local CBS station. Watch it below.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Race Unity Map is Sold Out!

We reached 3,000 miles and then some!

The PH community has rallied around Team PHenomenal Hope through this Race of Our Lives campaign for the past two years. More than 70 unity events were organized in 30 states across the country, individuals created virtual fundraising pages around their personal cycling or walking goals, and everyone united on April 12 to walk 1 mile from wherever they were.

Our goal was to raise $15 for each of the 3,000 miles across the country to fill the virtual unity map. We more than met that goal by raising $45,900 so far, in addition to the funds raised by the team and sponsors. We are still encouraging donations online or via mobile phone by texting TeamPH to 56512 to get a mobile-friendly browser.

Thank you to each and every one of you for your part in making this campaign the success it is.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Track Team PHenomenal Hope's Progress

Members of Team PHenomenal Hope were there for the launch of the solo racers on the Race Across America (pictured right). We will be sending off Team PHenomenal Hope on the race this Saturday in Oceanside, Calif. We encourage you to join us if you are in the area. From there you can follow the team's progress on our tracking page.

If you haven't already, we encourage you to send them your well wishes and thank yous. You can post a message to their Facebook page, tweet to @TeamPHenomHope or comment on their blog. You and your family and friends can also show your support by making a donation online or text TeamPH to 56512 to get a mobile friendly browser.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Team PHenomenal Hope RV'ing to Start Line

The RV is packed and Team PHenomenal Hope is on their way across the country to the Race Across America start line where they kick off the race this Saturday! The team's two years of training is finally coming to a head. We are almost there!

The team will be embarking on the most difficult cycling race in the world, all in support of the PH community and the fight for a cure. They are excited, but also anxious because they want to make a good showing for the community. Let's lift their spirits by sending them our well wishes and thank yous. You can post a message to their Facebook page, tweet to @TeamPHenomHope or comment on their blog.

You and your family and friends can also show your support by making a donation online or text TeamPH to 56512 to get a mobile friendly browser.