Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Join Us for the PHenomenal Mile

The Race of Our Lives campaign is growing rapidly, thanks to the support of PH patients, family members, medical professionals and friends just like you! We invite you to join us in a nationwide day of action, in solidarity with Team PHenomenal Hope. Will you continue your support and walk with us?

The PHenomenal Mile will take place on Saturday, April 12, across the nation. Wherever you live, and whatever your capacity, commit to walking with us. Participation is FREE!

Here is how you can join us:
  1. Register for the PHenomenal Mile Get your pin on the map
    It's FREE to register and our goal is to get people walking in every state! So far, eight states are represented.
  2. Go Public Make it a PHenomenal Mile Meet-up!
    Let us know where and when you are walking when you register, and we will publicize it. The first 50 people to organize a Meet-up will receive five free Race of Our Lives bracelets.
To learn more about the PHenomenal Mile and how you can continue to support Team PHenomenal Hope, visit our PHenomenal Mile web page.

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